Thursday, September 15, 2011


This was taken during our first year of marriage in a small, old motel room that we were given a free night’s stay in to attend a friend’s wedding in Daytona. After exploring with my camera outside, I came back in the room to find my wife’s perfume bottle illuminated by the morning light.

I’ve had this image for almost three years, but never liked it enough to post it here. But, every time I looked at it, I saw something that wouldn’t let me trash it. So, I messed with it some more this week and finally got it to where I was pleased enough to share it.

My wife and I were always impressed with the generosity of this nice, Indian family that opened their place of business to us for free that weekend. This image will always remind me of that.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Morning light on a waterlogged, storm drain manhole cover. I just liked the steel tread and text popping up out of the shallow pool of water.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mack Bulldog

I always thought this Mack Truck hood ornament was cool. I remember first seeing it on a shelf in my grandparent’s furnished basement. My grandfather, C. Nelson Yeager, was a truck driver for most of his working career and a diesel mechanic for some part of that time. He is now enjoying retirement, where as long as he has a newspaper in his hands and his Miniature Schnauzer “Lady” beside him, he’s a happy camper.

I recently thought to ask Pap if I could have this hood ornament that’s been in our family my whole life. He generously agreed to give it to me. So, I asked him for some of the history behind this piece and how he acquired it. He said that while he was working as a diesel mechanic for a particular fleet of Mack trucks, there was a problem with these ornaments being ripped off of the hoods, leaving gaping holes in the body of the truck. So, his boss ordered the mechanics to properly remove the ornaments before someone could improperly rip them out.

My grandfather says that it was actually the drivers who were ripping them off for themselves, but of course, they would never admit to that. So, since my grandfather was one of the mechanics with the task of properly removing these, he got to keep one.

This story took place around 1978, at least a year before I was born. This steel bulldog has enjoyed a sheltered life away from the elements of the road and weather ever since and I am the proud new owner of it.

It’s currently being used as a bookend in our office. I liked how the light was hitting it the other day, so I took the opportunity to make an image with it.

Mack Truck hood ornament 87931