Friday, May 01, 2015

Color, Texture, Light; It’s All in the Details

One of the things I love about smartphones and Instagram, is the ability to create and share spontaneously. Because of my current schedule, I don’t always get the time to go out and shoot with my DSLR, but I always have my iPhone with me. I find that even when I do have my DSLR along, I still shoot a few things with my phone. Certain subjects or compositions just make more sense for the Instagram realm. Sometimes, I’ll shoot the same thing with both my phone and DSLR. If you look at my Flickr and Instagram feed, you’ll see evidence of that.

One of the ways I keep the two separate visually, is any time I post something on social media that was shot with my phone, I keep the framing square. If it was shot with a “regular camera”, the final cropping will usually still be within a rectangular frame. That’s just my personal guidelines of how I try to categorize my art. Although, I believe the chasm between those two mediums of technology is getting smaller and smaller every year.

As far as what I use to edit my iPhoneography, I use Google’s Snapseed app a lot. I usually bring the image in there first, then I may put a few final touches on it once in Instagram. Both apps have their strong points and do certain things better than the other or just offer something the other doesn’t have.

The things I like to shoot for Instagram are very similar to what I like to shoot with a DSLR; bright colors, patterns and interesting textures. If you enjoy my work and are on Instagram, give me a follow!

“Color, texture, light; it’s all in the details.”