Thursday, December 11, 2008

What It Felt Like To Fly

When I was 15, I reached the pinnacle of my jumping ability; I was now able to grab a 10 ft. Basketball goal. It wasn’t “dunking”, but it was the next best thing for this 5’-11” dude. I don’t think I could quite do it right now, but maybe if I got back in shape, I could reach those heights once again?

Above is one of my most favorite images that I’ve taken thus far in my life. It’s very iconic to me because of all the meaning that it represents. For all of my teenage years, I was in love with Basketball. It still holds a dear place in my heart, but those were the intense years. This image was taken at the start of that season of my life, when I was around 13 or 14 years old. As I looked at this image recently, I was inspired to write the following.

What It Felt Like To Fly
With speed, I approach the goal. In one continuous motion, my body prepares for take off as both feet take plant on the ground and my knees bend. Momentum is changing directions. As this happens, my arms swing upwards, thrusting me into the air like a rocket off a launch pad. I’m airborne. My body feels free for that moment. In a split second, my hand is at the rim, my head at the level of the netting. A place that once seemed so far away and unattainable is now within reach. The laws and rules in my own mind are broken.

I grab the rim with authority! The break-away spring action of the hoop gives way. I hang for a moment. As I let go, the rim snaps back into place and creates a thunderous sound that echoes throughout the gym, evidence of where I had just been.

My feet then return to solid earth, the place that is my world. But for a few split seconds, I had gravity defeated. It could not keep me from visiting the space where the hoop lives. Oh yes, the lofty hoop; It stood defeated as well! It no longer could stand in defiance of me, mocking my every attempt to reach it’s height...for I had reached it.

This is what it felt like to fly.


Blue Wave 707 said...

Air Chad! :-D At least you could touch the rim ... Cool shot! It also looks like you're waiting for the rebound.

Jose said...

At 5' 6" that rim might as well be up in the sky. lol I did play lots of basketball when I was young though.

Laurie said...

Great post. Very dynamic shot, powerful.

~Brenda said...

As I read “the rim slams back into place” I could “hear” the sound! What an awesome post you have written; thanks for sharing this with us!

Lori said...

Did you take that photo when you were 13 or 14? Did I read that right? That strikes me more than anything else about this post because it shows that at that young age, it was already being written who you were to become.

Amazing...all of it!

David Pentecost said...

I do LOVE that image...very creative and very well framed. I recently grabbed the rim with great authority as well...granted the rim was detached from a backboard and was just laying on the ground.

Oh, the dreams of white guys!

Nestor Family said...

This is good. Love the photo, too!

photowannabe said...

You really painted a picture with your words. I could picture your "flying".

photowannabe said...

Oh my goodness, I just looked at the date and realized how close to wedding bells its getting. Sending you all the love and good wishes and especially Gods richest blessings to Sandy and you.

Ash said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Chad!

Shionge said...

Hiya Chad!!! I know your wedding day is on 28 December 2008, here's wishing you & Sandy all the best as both of you embraced life as Husband & Wife, all the best to the future.

Next, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too Chad :D

Cheers from Singapore
Shionge (aka Betty)

lv2scpbk said...

Hi Chad, You and your girlfriend have a Merry Christmas.