Monday, September 11, 2006

I Remember

As I readied to pour milk into a cereal bowl a week ago, something within this simple action, triggered a memory. The expiration date on the milk jug read “Sep 11”. At that moment, I thought of how that particular date is now forever a reminder of the horror that took place in our nation that day as we were attacked.

I’ll never forget how my coworkers and I sat in disbelief as we heard news of a plane that flew into a building and then a second. We later heard news of “fires at the Pentagon”, news that wasn’t completely telling of what had actually happened there. America was under attack as we sat in our then windowless office. It almost took on a “Bomb Shelter” feel as we listened to the horrors that unfolded on the radio.

After hearing of death all morning, I remember telling my friend David of how I was just happy to be alive. I remember my girlfriend at the time, calling me up at work and asking me if I was alright. We’re in Florida, but with so much tragedy happening that morning, no one knew if they were completely safe!

I remember just sitting with the TV off that night, looking at photo albums with my girlfriend, just trying to take our minds off of the tragedies that had taken place that day. I had a worship CD that I had just bought, playing as well, it was a much needed listen and mental redirection.

I remember flying commercial airlines just four days after 9/11. I was scheduled to meet my family up north for vacation. My flight had already been moved ahead one day because of a hurricane that came through that Friday. A hurricane that probably got the least amount of attention that one has had in years before or since.

I remember the flight attendees being mostly male and paying close attention to everyone that boarded that plane. I also remember laying my head back against the head rest and thanking God for protecting us as we touched down at our destination.

I, like the rest of America will always remember the day that our freedom and every good thing we stand for was attacked.

I remember.


Lucy said...

I was camping with my family when it happened--we heard about the attacks from a lady we were camping with and huddled around the radio in a travel trailer to find out what was going on. It was heartbreaking and horrifying, and a real wake-up call for a kid who would have preferred to think of the world as "nice." I realized then how much we have to be thankful for to live in relative peace...and how all of that can change in an instant. I found myself praying for safety every time I heard the sound of a plane for a long time afterward.

Thank you very much for this post. It's a reminder for me not only to pray for those who are fighting overseas to protect the freedom we cherish, and to pray for those in leadership over our nation as well as those who lost family and friends that day, but also to thank God in gratitude for the many freedoms we do enjoy.

John said...

It's not just America that remembers. Nice shot!

Unknown said...

Great shot! fantastic find, full of oportunity!

MrC said...

greetings Chad!
.. first up, cheers for visiting my photoblog & taking the time to comment .. much appreciated

as for this shot, nice & simple; yet tells a huge story, because, as you say, the date is now there engraved in the hearts & minds of billions across the planet


Wingnut said...

well said and an awesome image to reflect with also!

Annie said...

Thanks for the story. Since I, like many others, have heard the old story over and over, I've become a little numb to it. But your story was fresh and that made it all the more engaging.

photowannabe said...

Very poinent picture and memories. I too stared in disbelief at the TV that day and offered my prayers for our country and everyone affected by the day.

Gabriella said...

Interesting shot there Chad. I remember when that happened. I was getting ready for work. I wanted to stay home and hear more about it. My mom called me from work and would give me a few updates.
I flew home from NY the week before that happend!
God is awesome...he looks out for us....don't know if you knew this, but I was suppose to be working at Goldman Saks at the World Trade Center...long story short...that didn't work out. Now I know why it didn't. The people I was gonna be working with...they said their office got blown out..I think they were out of the office at the moment or something like that.

Sad....I feel for the families that lost moms, dads, g-mas, g-pas, brothers and sisters....etc.

Coy Hill said...

Interesting choice for a memorial image. We all cannot forget that day. I well remember the day you flew, how deserted and eerily quiet the normally bustling airport was. The relief we felt when the monitor showed that your flight had arrived. The hugging and crying with each person’s arrival. We will not, we cannot ever forget 9-11

Chic Geek said...

5 years have already passed by... it seems like not too long ago these events were live on the tele. I was at school when i heard about it and tried to think of where i was at the exact time the first plane hit, i knew i was on the bus, and i tried to figure out where we were in the route. I think i know where i was, ir at least where about...

when i was in NYC this past summer, we went to Ground Zero, and its still dirt a small amount of rubble and all the buildings around the area were still messed up too. the windows blown out and covered in tarps and plywood. New York is still and will probably remain scared for a ver very long time.

Ash said...

Lovely tribute!

Ineke said...


And thanks for stopping by my blog Chad!!

edwin s said...

Hey Chad, I think it's great how the simplest things remind us of what's happened in our lives. And memories can be all we need to hoepfully make things better for the future. We remember what's lost and aim not to repeat the mistakes.

This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

ari4u said...

This date is forever etched into our hearts and minds.

Kim said...

Chad, this photo is super. I love the ocher yellow background witht he blue of the cap, the plastic of the milk jug, and the black script. Very effective shapes/fields of color. I left my reflections at Paris Daily Photo, so I won't repeat them here. Great tie-in for the day.

David Pentecost said...

What a crazy world we live in, huh? Nice story. I remember how we were all wondering if you would even board the plane a couple days after 9-Eleven. But you braved bad weather and fear and went anyway.

That's what keeps terrorism from winning...the fact that free people the world over will keep on living in freedom and not fear!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very true, great point.

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts!

Cergie said...

I remembered too.
And it was special when I saw the date "11 septembre" upper side my post of that day.

I was in front of the television, it was about 3 PM in France and I saw the second plane crash, the first tower falling, and the second one and before these terribles scenes of small spots jumping in the empty space.

Impossible to forget for ever.