Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today I had lunch with my old friend, Stefanie. Stef is the one who got me in contact with Punam and Dal for their photo sessions. While letting her know recently how the shoot with them went, I mentioned that we needed to get together and catch up on how each of us have been. So, we met for lunch down town at Crispers which was followed by a quick photo shoot. Stef had been evading my camera for any real shoot for quite some time, but today was the day she surrendered to the lens.

As we looked for good backdrops and locations down town, I started noticing cool “worn” looking paint jobs on doors and such. I mentioned to Stefanie how it’s amazing what you see when you really look. The weathered materials we found lining the walls down an ally way, provided interesting backdrops for portraiture.

For the image above, we used a side door to some shop that was painted a deep blue. I told Stef this would be a great “profile pic” if she had a Blog. She agreed, but said she was too busy to have one.


Lucy said...

Nice work--she has a very cool, thoughtful expression on her face in this picture.

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

She looks very relaxed and calm. I like this picture of her. She looks like she's noticed something that has brought back a memory or something. Cool.

Corinne said...

I like the way you captured her eyes. Lovely portrait!

Olivier said...

tres beau portrait, et il est tellement important d'avoir une amie. tu donneras le bonjour stefanie.

very beautiful portrait, and it is so important to have a friend. you will give the hello stefanie.

Wingnut said...

A very nice portrait, I like her casual expression, well done!