Monday, July 17, 2006


Bradley is the oldest of my “younger” cousins, he is now 16! Brad is an artist with a very creative imagination. Right now, one of the biggest passions in his life is video games, he’s quite the “gamer”. But, the cool thing is, it’s not the games about auto theft and prostitutes, but rather “Super Mario” and “Sonic the Hedge Hog” that he loves.

One thing I’ve noticed about Brad lately is how much of a “good heart” he has. A few months ago our family had gathered for a Sunday dinner. I was talking about DVD renting with my Aunt and Uncle when Bradley picked up on the fact that I go to Block Buster. He said that since he and his family went to a different store, I could have the gift card to Block Buster that he was carrying around in his wallet. So, he pulled it out and gave it to me. I was very impressed with his generosity.

I Believe God is going to continue to use Brad and his kindness in the future.

Above is another example of how I like using shadows. Brad usually gives me a goofy smile when I try to photograph him, that time I was able to make him look like a model.


Coy Hill said...

Impressive photo. It's nice to see there are still good young people in this world.

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

Nice story. I like your use of shadows. Without them it would almost be a 2 dimensional world!
I like the way you renamed your links. Very funny.