Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot Stuff

I really like spicy food. A good tasting hot pepper is like a thrill ride for your mouth! It’s taste is something that demands your attention! Your going to react in one way or another, you might even cry, but not tears of sadness or pain, (well, if hot enough, maybe pain) but just because hot peppers some how cause your tear ducts to fill up and thus your nose to run.

Some of my favorite hot peppers are Jalapenos and Greek peppers because they're Hot yet still have an enjoyable taste to them! They just keep me going back for more, one more BANG to my taste buds! One more ride down the roller coaster track! Please keep your hands inside the car...

Hot peppers also aid in helping out a food that might otherwise be bland or boring. If I’m not particularly excited about a certain dish that is laid before me, I’ll add some hot peppers or seeds of hot peppers, and presto, it’s now a more enjoyable dish! "Especially Delicious".

Just because I add hot stuff to something doesn't mean that I don’t already like the food though. Take Sonny’s BBQ for example, that’s some great smoked meat on some great garlic toast, but add “Smokin” and “Sizzilin Sweet” BBQ Sauce to it, and you’ve got the perfect lunch! Now that’s “Man food”.

Above is a jar that is residing in my fridge right now.

I think my mouth is starting to water, I'm actually kind of thirsty right now.


Coy Hill said...

You always were a spicy sort of dude!

In response to your latest comment on my blog. Am I a pirate! No, and I have not had the privilege of knowing the two blokes you mentioned but I have found myself frequently in Blackbeards lair. This little clue I give to you

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Thanks for the clue salty dawg, I was beginning to think the cat had your tongue.

I'll add this clue to the puzzle that is you.