Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Window

Aside from “groomsmen” duties at my cousin Holly’s wedding, she had asked me to use my photographic skills as well. The front doors of the old church that the ceremony was held in, had these great stained glass panes with one clear glass piece in the middle. I loved using the clear piece to photograph people through, usually from the inside, I thought it created an interesting image.

At one point, I had stepped outside to see if there were any photographic opportunities when one of the little girls peeked out through the glass. I had actually missed the shot the first time, but since she was wanting to ham it up for the camera, she reenacted her pose for me with great authenticity, and I got it! I love how you can see her nose pressed up against the window and how much energy there is in her eyes.

That day I shot a lot of “photojournalistic” images. Holly later told me in a “Thank You” note, that I captured things no one else thought of. I enjoy taking photos of things that are sometimes overlooked, but have image value in the long run.


Gabriella said...

Chad I really like this picture....

Holly said...

I think one of the best compliments you could receive as a photographer is that you capture things no one else thought of.

Those of you capturing those shots inspire and motivate me. Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas!