Thursday, July 13, 2006


I learned how to play Chess in 7th grade. The private school I was attending at the time was starting up some “clubs” that would be held at a certain time on Wednesdays. The person in charge of the “Chess Club” was one of my classmates fathers. I can remember him showing a group of us who didn’t already know how to play the game, what the movements where for each piece. I was surprised that it wasn’t that difficult to “learn” how to at least “play” the game. Winning of course, is where the challenge came.

Anyway, me and one of my classmates would go each Wednesday and play. I can’t remember if I went in 8th grade or not. A few years down the road though, I taught my younger cousins, Bradley and Brittany how to play when they were both under 10 years old. I was always amazed and proud that they learned so easily at such a young age.

In 2002, I found out that one of my friends, Patricia, knew how to play Chess. So, we would play once in a while and Patricia would usually beat me! I think I got her at least three times but can only really remember two of those victories in which I went “Back to Back”! I was proud of myself that I could actually do that since she won about 80 percent of the time:(

I captured the above image during one of me and Patricia’s battles on a Sunday afternoon near the end of 2002. The Chess board that you see, I had gotten for Christmas at least 12 year ago. I like how every time I look at this image, Patricia is still contemplating her next move. Her pony tail sticking up in the air is what inspired me to take the shot. I just saw a “photograph”.

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Chic Geek said...

i really like that picture. and i know what you mean by how you just see a photgraph.