Thursday, June 15, 2006

Remember the Time?

I really like watches. I don't wear any other Jewelry, but a watch I do. If you would ask any of my close friends, they would all tell you that I'm an "on time" kind of guy. I guess I was just brought up that way, to be punctual. Anyway, I like both watches and clocks, one of the images on my first Blog is a clock in my apartment. Watches though, are even cooler than clocks to me, because you "build memories" with them. What are you talking about, you say? I can look at one of my watches and think, "I wore that during 'this time' in my life" or "when I accomplished that" or even better "I was wearing that watch when I took that girl out on that date!" So for me, time pieces that you wear to keep time, also become apart of the moments that create memories.

Above is one of my favorite watches, a Relic that I bought after Christmas with some gift cards back in the beginning of 2005. And oh yes, we have built some memories together.


David Pentecost said...

Great image of the watch...I added your blog as a link on my blog. Cya.

David Pentecost said...

hey photo dude, you should start geting some 'action' shots at church to use for the church website...worship, pastor preaching etc...just some cool images that represent the corporate worship experience.


tufrthnails said...

hey man I may not be a watch guy especially since I have never paid more they $40 for a watch but they are very cool. I track my accomplishments by my knives.

I am looking forward to a barbicue with everyone. I think I may just have a massive barbicue when I get back from the vacation. I think we are going to New Symrna for a few day when I get back hopefully I will have for fish to grill with the steaks.

Holly said...

Lexi said everything I was thinking! I enjoy reading your words that go along with these beautiful photos.