Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shadow Play

Another thing that inspires me as a photographer are shadows. I think it’s because they create something unique on their own, something that at times will only be visible for a moment. On numerous occasions I’ve spotted shadows that I just had to photograph.

In 2004 I went to Chicago for a Mac design seminar. While there I explored the city looking for cool photographic opportunities. As I walked through an underpass I saw a 10 speed bicycle that was locked up in a cage. I noticed how it had a great mirrored shadow coming off of it on the ground. At first I kept on walking, but then I knew I’d better turn around and take that shot! So, I did.

I seen this duck on Chicago’s Navy Pier. It was in the evening and the duck was casting an elongated almost bowling pin like shadow. The table photo was taken down in Boca at the same resort I took the shots of the limes. If you look closely you can see a lime in the glass on the table, but the shadow on the ground is the star of this photograph.

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Gabriella said...

Love the shadows Chad!