Sunday, July 16, 2006


This is probably one of my favorite photographs that I've taken. Brianna is the youngest of my three younger cousins. All three of them are almost like younger siblings to me since I never had any. I’ve held them all when they were babies, It’s been amazing seeing them all grow.

I captured this image of my cousin Brianna about 2 years ago. I just asked her to look out the window and there was an image. She was kind of in a solemn calm mood at the time, which is rare, because she is usually full of energy and sound! While her older siblings Bradley and Brittany look similar, Brianna has a slightly different look about her. I’ve seen pictures of my Grandma as a little girl and I definitely see resemblances to Brianna. I’ve told my Gram that Brianna is kind of her “Mini-Me”.

One time me and Brianna were using the computer together when she said, “your like my Dad”. I was a little perplexed at this, seeing that she already has a loving father. So, I asked her why and she said because I love and care for her and help her. Comparing me to her Dad is probably the nicest thing a child has ever said to me thus far in my life.


Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

It's a very sweet picture and a very sweet story. When kids say things like that it just makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. :)

Tim said...

Great photo and great story! I like the way the sun through the window is casting on her eyes and forehead!

David Pentecost said...

Can we start calling you Daddy Chaddy? photo. I love artsy photos that are very "spur of the moment" or unplanned looking. My favorite photo of Michele and I EVER is the one you took of me looking one way and her looking down. Great photography!!!!

As soon as you get your camera back you gotta start gettign some images during services at Church and small group stuff.