Thursday, October 05, 2006

Three Nails

This image was captured during a hike I took with my close friends, David and Michele, in the Ocala National Forest here in Florida. This hike was a return visit to the Florida forest for me and Dave, but a first time experience for Michele.

The first time me and David took this six hour hike was during a very humid time of year. I remember Dave telling me to bring lots of water to drink and some snacks to eat. So, I brought a few fruit bars and a couple bottles of water. When we began our adventure early in the morning, the day was fresh and exciting as we trudged through the sandy terrain. Once in a while we would come upon a Banana Spider’s web draped across the walking path. Sometimes you wouldn’t know it was there until it was right in front of you. Weirdly, that was pretty much the only wildlife we saw in this particular forest.

By late morning, we found a hilly area off the beaten path that we decided to explore. I remember waiting quietly up on a hill with David as horse back riders passed by unaware of our presence. For a moment we imagined what it must have been like to be Native Americans getting ready to ambush passing by settlers. Of course there was no “ambushing” going on this day.

On the other side of this hill was a steep drop off and then another series of hilly terrain. Me and Dave took turns sliding down and jumping across to the adjacent embankment. Even though I’d been drinking lots of water and eating a few of the fruit bars that I had brought along, I had been sweating all morning and was beginning to lack proper amounts of sugar and salt in my body. Unbeknownst to me, dehydration was coming upon me. Pretty soon I began to feel noshes. The rest of the hike became a major challenge to me. David let me have some Gatorade, which I should have brought instead of water. He also gave me an energy bar, which I should have brought instead of those fruit bars. I finally made it out of there, and the challenge only added to the adventure and memories of that day.

The next time we went, it wasn’t any where near as hot. This hike was more pleasant and Michele came along with us.

The image above is of a cross that David wears all the time. I like this image because it shows an object that normally doesn’t get to be viewed in such detail. I also like how David just happened to be wearing red that day which can represent the blood that Christ shed on the cross for you and me.

Check out David’s illustration Blog, Cartoon Ninja”!


Susan Jones said...

Its our Canadian Thanksgiving eh!
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
"just say no to giblets"


Gabriella said...

Chest Hair??? Chad should this be rated PG13? LOL

Hiking is fun...when the weather is nice.

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

I like the comment about the red shirt representing the blood. Very cool concept. :)

ari4u said...

nice picture. good interpretation. glad you enjoyed your hike.

David Pentecost said...

Look at my furry gross! That was a fun day...the strap on my cross broke but I've been trying to fix it. I know it's just an object and has no power in it but it reminds me of the empty cross and the power of God. It was also a present from Michele before we were officially dating.

Lucy said...

This is a really neat picture. I used to wear a cross nearly identical to that for a while...As David said, the symbol obviously has no inherent power in itself but is a good reminder of the incredible sacrificial love of Christ.
Cool post!
And thanks again Chad.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very true. Many people wear crosses for many reasons, but it is only a symbol. For true believers, it is a reminder of Christ's love.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Thanks for the behind story of where you got your necklace, I don't think I ever knew that.

Chad Oneil Myers said...
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