Monday, December 11, 2006

December Sounds

As the vast array of Christmas music comes out of hibernation each year, the melodies and lyrics to these songs flood back memories from years past.

This is a post that I have been looking forward to doing for some time. So, here it is. I have compiled a list of my favorite Christmas songs. Because of that “vast array”, I have grouped them into specific categories. I’m sure I’m leaving some out, but these are the highlights.

Chad’s favorite Christmas Songs of all Time

Christmastime - Written by Michael W. Smith for his album of the same name. I remember seeing him perform this on “Regis and Kathy Lee“. The song was amazing and I think I ended up going out and buying it that same day.

When Love Came Down - Performed by Point of Grace. Just a beautiful modern Christmas song. I remember hearing them perform this live one year. These ladies are “good”.

Emanuel - By Michael W. Smith. Originally performed by Amy Grant, I love Michael’s rendition of his own song on his “Christmastime” album.

Season of Love - Performed by Jaci Velasquez.

Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day - Avalon‘s version is best. “How many people are crying, People are dying...How many people are asking for love?”

Modern Secular:
This Christmas - “Hang low the mistletoe, I’m gonna get to know you better…this Christmas”

This Gift - Performed by 98 degrees. Just a great Christmas love song.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - NSYNC

The Christmas Song (1944) - It’s hard to image a time when this song did not exist. A few years ago, I remember thinking of it as the season was about to begin. I surprised myself as almost all the lyrics came back to me.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (1944) - Has a very similar sound and evokes almost the same type of feelings as “The Christmas Song”.

Do You Hear What I Hear (1962) - “The child, the child, Sleeping in the night, He will bring us goodness and light”

Sleigh Ride (1948) - “Giddy-yap giddy-yap giddy-yap it's grand, Just holding your hand”

Let it Snow (1945) - “The fire is slowly dying and my dear, we're still goodbying!”

Classic Carols:
Good King Wenceslas (Music 1582, Lyrics 1853) - An animated video put to this song brought it to life for me as a boy. That very video can be viewed by clicking on the title. I love the story this song tells. It’s kind of a rare carol that isn’t heard as much, but it‘s one of my favorites.

We Three Kings (1857) - I’ve always loved the telling of these three men of earthly power, coming to honor the son of God when he first entered into the world. The chorus to the song has beautiful lyrics and melody.

O Holy Night (1847) - I remember a friend telling me a few years ago of her reason for liking this song. It was the lyric “Fall on your knees”, talking about bowing before God. “Christ is the Lord! O praise His Name forever!”

The First Noel (Possibly 13th Century, first published in 1823) - Noel simply means “day of birth” or “Christmas”.

Angels We Have Heard On High (1862) - The “Gloria” part is just fun to sing.

Now for the Christmas Songs that Annoy Me:
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree - Rockin’s good and I like Christmas tree’s too, but this song oozes with Cheese.

Feliz Navidad - The original recording just annoys me. I think it’s the vocal delivery. I do however enjoy Jaci Velasquez’s version because I love her.

O Christmas Tree - I like Christmas tree’s, but this song does nothing for me.

So this is Christmas - By John Lennon. It’s just depressing.


Annie said...

That was fun, to think about all those Christmas songs/carols. Lately I've been listening to the stations on XM that are devoted to Christmas and I'm hearing things I've never heard before. There's one song that never ceases to capture my ears and my heart - Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.

Best wishes to you, Chad.

Kimberley said...

ahhh such a various amout of "taste" Its always an informative pleasure reading your blog!~

Unknown said...

Thanks for the walk through the Christmas Carols. My favorite is Oh Holy Night too. You can attain such beautiful harmony when you sing that song.

photowannabe said...

Love the Christmas Carols too, old and new. There is some real music there and I love singing it.
Its always a pleasure reading your blog, Chad.

photowannabe said...

I really do love the Christmas Carols. Its hard to say a favorite. I do like Michael W. Smith's music,Gaither Vocal Band does some awesome stuff too but some of the oldies are goodies too.
I agree with Faye that the harmony is great on Oh, Holy Night.
I could not post this comment. Beta Bloggers must have some difficulties.

Jill said...

Those are all good! I was planning on doing some Christmas carols history blogging soon. So check back.

Have a great Christmas season!!