Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My first "Blog"

Hello, I'm Chad, I thought that I would join the rest of the world and have my own "Blog". I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer, Photography being one of my biggest passions. I love to capture anything that's interesting or make something ordinary interesting. Anyway, I hope to post some of my better images on this blog. I want it to be a "photo driven" blog.

A little about the 2 images above. One of the reasons I bought this clock, besides being a "clock guy", was the words on the face, "Alpha Omega" which means "beginning and End". This is one of the names of God, proclaiming that He is the beginning and the end, He was before and will be after us. I take comfort when I read those two words, knowing that my past, present and future rest in His very capable hands.

The other image represents masculinity in both what the object is and what it says. I would like to find an image that would represent femininity as well. Maybe frame them side by side.


tufrthnails said...

hey man I'll be looking forward to seeing some interesting pics. I added a link to your site from mine. peace out. a few more weeks till I am in a bird.

David Pentecost said...

Welcome to blogging...love the photo of the watch. I'll add your blog to my links on my blog.

Christopher King said...

Welcome in Bruvva'!

I was a photojournalist myself,


now others follow and take the pics.


But I want to get back into photography as soon as my indictment bullshit is cleared and I can again become employable.


Holly said...

I love to see the progression of blogs and the lives that power them, so I have started back at the beginning of yours.

I love the clock picture and what it meant to you.