Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Window Seat

Here's another image that I captured as I was flying up North earlier this year. I was entertaining myself with my camera when I looked up and seen the boy in front of me gazing out the window. I knew it was a photographic opportunity, so I fired away. It took me a couple tries though, because this boy was chewing gum like a cow, I had to get a shot where you couldn't tell that. I like how you can see his reflection in the window and how he's just looking out on the earth below. That's what drew me to this shot.

It really is amazing that we can actually fly in giant machines through the sky. It's mind boggling when you stop and think about that. I'm glad I live in this time. There's always bad things in this world, but I still think it's an exciting time to be alive!

1 comment:

Gabriella said...

That little guy doesn't know how famous he is.....he's on the internet!!!!